Should You Represent Yourself in Your Divorce?

There are corresponding benefits to handling your own divorce without an attorney:

  • You save legal fees. A simple, uncontested divorce can cost $1,000 or more; fees can become astronomical in large, contested cases. Attorneys charge between $150 and $400 an hour for their time, so fees can quickly climb on even the most simple case.
  • Your divorce may be less adversarial. Attorneys can bring an adversarial atmosphere to a case that may be resolved more quickly and smoothly in an informal atmosphere involving only you and your spouse.
  • Your case may move faster without an attorney. Your attorney may be busy with other cases, causing needless delays that you can avoid by personally staying in charge of your case.
  • Without an attorney, the judge may give you more leeway´┐Żbut this cannot always be counted on. Of course, you can compromise and hire an attorney on an hourly basis who will not formally represent you, but who will answer questions that may arise. You will save on legal fees, but still have access to the professional assistance you need.