Child Support Calculators

Within each state page of this web site we have listed either the State Child Support Guidelines or, when available, provided a link to a child support calculator.

The calculators we have linked to are provided by (an outside source).   

In addition, we have identified a commercial site (  which charges a small fee to produce a state-specific child support calculation. We have found their calculators to be very accurate.  This vendor also provides Arrears Calculators which will enable you to determine if the debt balance on your child support order is correct.  Click Here.

All child support guidelines and calculators are accessible from our state pages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not a law firm and cannot give legal advice. Therefore, we are unable to provide guidance on individual child support inquiries or specific calculations/obligations.  The information contained in this segment of our web site is provided as a courtesy to our visitors and our customers who purchase our divorce-related products.  The calculators listed below simply provide an estimate of what your obligation may be.