How Fast Can You Generate Your Self-Prepared Forms?

Time to Complete Your Forms

Create Your Account 2 Minutes
Answer On-Line Questionnaire Try Before You Buy
25 minutes on average.
See Documents assemble in real time as you complete each answer.
Print Your Documents 5 Minutes
You Are Ready To File Total: 32 Minutes

Your Completed Forms Are Ready for Filing in Less than 1 Hour

Not only is our service the fastest online divorce service, but we are the only service where you can view your forms being created in real-time. We call this feature: Try Before You Buy.

(This is true for the Self-Prepared Service only, as the Legal Technician Prepared Service requires document review and other document tasks to be performed).

As soon as you click on the Submit Button, and purchase your forms, your forms are ready to be printed out and filed. You can return multiple times if you cannot complete your forms in one setting as your data is stored within the forms ready for you to complete them. All of your answers are automatically saved. Every time you log into your secure account you will be to return to completing your forms.

Since you can print out your forms locally, you don't have to wait for the mail to arrive. (If you would like us to mail your forms to you, that is also an additional option.)

Once you file your papers, the time that it takes to get a divorce depends on the local court and local procedures. Our fee does not include court filing fees.

We are the Lowest Cost Automated Forms Provider

There is no magic to uncontested divorce forms as almost all state courts have now created standardized forms. Our self-prepared automated divorce forms option is the lowest cost that you will pay for an automated solution. You may be able to find divorce forms for your state on the Internet, but they will not be automated and therefore you will find that it takes hours to complete them. If you ever try and complete a multi-part form in MS Word you will understand our claim that our automated divorce forms are the easiest way for you to complete your divorce forms.