General Resources

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General Resources:

An excellent starting point for research on family and divorce law is Findlaw at
Cornell Legal Information Institute: Divorce Materials
U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement (HHS)
Child Support Enforcement - a private company
Divorce Helpline - very valuable on California and how to avoid litigation costs in general
DivorceNet - a required stop on any research of the Net on Divorce
Divorce Source - detailed state-by-state information on divorce law.
Family Law Center - at Court TV
The Divorce, Custody and Alimony Reporter - from the Family Law Advisor
Where to Write for Vital Records
Men's Issues

Divorce Related NewsGroups:

  • - an excellent discussion group on the net for divorce issues

  • - another excellent discussion group for recently divorced

  • - sometimes helpful for finding legal answers to family law and divorce questions.

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